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FR-2144597-A1: patent, FR-2147949-A1: patent, FR-2149428-A1: patent, FR-2149573-A1: patent, FR-2150453-A1: Transparent polyamides - by reacting cycloaliphatic diamine isomers with aromatic or (cyclo)aliphatic dicarboxylic acids patent, FR-2150632-A1: patent, FR-2151007-A1: Thermionic conversion cell - with two part central emitter patent, FR-2152704-A1: patent, FR-2153361-A1: patent, FR-2154367-A1: patent, FR-2160884-A1: patent, FR-2162606-A1: Food can cooler - for rapid cooling of viscous cooked fluids et tomato puree patent, FR-2164552-A1: patent, FR-2164861-A1: patent, FR-2168311-A1: patent, FR-2169064-A1: patent, FR-2172986-A1: patent, FR-2176748-A1: patent, FR-2177729-A1: patent, FR-2179221-A1: patent, FR-2179478-A1: patent, FR-2187498-A1: patent, FR-2188092-A1: patent, FR-2196372-A1: patent, FR-2198171-A1: patent, FR-2199140-A1: patent, FR-2200141-A1: patent, FR-2202764-A1: patent, FR-2207098-A1: patent, FR-2207229-A1: patent, FR-2209817-A1: Decorative mineral effect coating compsn. - contg. water, gelatin, gypsum and colourants patent, FR-2211739-A1: patent, FR-2211763-A1: patent, FR-2212191-A1: patent, FR-2215554-A1: patent, FR-2216387-A1: Regenerated cellulose fibres contg polyacrylic acid - to improve water absorption and retention props patent, FR-2217177-A1: patent, FR-2221503-A1: Latex contg. large and small resin particles - of different glass transition temps. forming opaque coating of low porosity patent, FR-2223258-A1: patent, FR-2223700-A1: patent, FR-2224164-A1: Polysaccharide drug complexes - having longer lasting activity than the parent drug patent, FR-2224564-A1: patent, FR-2225283-A1: Decorative panel mineral-filled resin - with foam polyurethane core patent, FR-2226232-A1: patent, FR-2235302-A1: Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure-selecting relay - closure diaphragm between both inputs into control chamber patent, FR-2237705-A1: Sand core or mould for metal casting - prepd. by shaping and hardening silicon oxide sand-alkali silicate mixture patent, FR-2238002-A1: Apparatus for sewing machines - gives automatic threading of the needle patent, FR-2238253-A1: patent, FR-2238601-A1: patent, FR-2238722-A1: patent, FR-2239637-A1: patent, FR-2240335-A1: Joining two metal sections as concrete formwork traverse - with slit-interval-defining projection on spacer with limiting stop patent, FR-2241728-A1: patent, FR-2242174-A1: patent, FR-2244760-A1: patent, FR-2244932-A1: patent, FR-2245347-A1: Aminoalkyl thionicotinates - with hypocholesterolaemic, hypolipaemic, antiinflammatory and antibradykinin activity patent, FR-2245904-A1: patent, FR-2247805-A1: Electron multiplier channel plate for image intensifier tube - is enclosed in envelope filled with ionisable pressure gas patent, FR-2248239-A1: patent, FR-2248435-A1: patent, FR-2248841-A1: patent, FR-2249644-A1: patent, FR-2250865-A1: Ball-cock assembly for domestic cisterns - has pair of plates securing pipes to single hole in cistern base patent, FR-2251144-A1: patent, FR-2252111-A1: patent, FR-2252573-A1: Detection of angular speed of motor vehicle wheel - is electrically signalled from coil sensing teeth on disc patent, FR-2252726-A1: patent, FR-2253453-A1: Fishing reel with automatic stop for line - has pivotal drum with spring engaging a line spreading shaft patent, FR-2255585-A1: Transfer vessel for dispensing viscous (explosive) materials - using a flexible non elastic membrane patent, FR-2255924-A1: Vehicle safety belt for child - has end of hip band connected by overlap seam at front side to form closed ring patent, FR-2256005-A1: Chisel with upper and lower hand guards on handle - has ribbed central part of handle fitting over blade extension patent, FR-2256243-A1: patent, FR-2258759-A1: patent, FR-2259730-A1: patent, FR-2260194-A1: patent, FR-2260249-A1: patent, FR-2260730-A1: patent, FR-2261316-A1: patent, FR-2261769-A1: patent, FR-2262055-A1: patent, FR-2262115-A1: patent, FR-2263053-A1: Hollow support rolls for continuous casting machine - made using helical grid of bars with internal coolant sprays patent, FR-2263538-A1: patent, FR-2264174-A1: patent, FR-2264893-A1: Nickel phosphide film resistor with titanium dioxide layer - formed on sintered alumina substrate reducing scatter of surface resistivity patent, FR-2265765-A1: Pre-plasticised vinyl polymers esp. PVC - by emulsion polymn. of homogenised aq. mixt. of monomer and plasticiser patent, FR-2265963-A1: Swing door extruded profile frame - has spring strip holding abutment profile leg into engagement with it patent, FR-2266271-A1: Armature for IC engine thyristor-controlled ignition system - is made insensitive to induced spurious volts by set-back ignition-transformer core-limb patent, FR-2267362-A1: patent, FR-2267873-A1: patent, FR-2268381-A1: patent, FR-2268878-A1: patent, FR-2269112-A1: Unitary diffusion-transfer photographic prod - with drying layer contg hydrophilic binder, polyoxyalkylene and reducing/buffering agent patent, FR-2270095-A1: patent, FR-2271257-A1: patent, FR-2271517-A1: Roof mounted opening ventilator system - has adjustable roofing surfaces and additional internal panels for use when open patent, FR-2271729-A1: Sub carrier generator for SECAM TV system - has two quartz oscillators with phase control switched between reference and line suppression patent, FR-2271884-A1: patent, FR-2271888-A1: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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